Trophies and awards use crystal to make them

Everyone will choose to make trophies and awards out of plastic or metals, this is something that is not really wise to do since they will end up being left in the attic. The problem with awards that are made from metals is that they will lose their shine in a very short time, due to rust or oxidation.

When the award has been won and it is very new, it will be a source of pride for the person receiving it. The biggest problem with this the metal will lose its shine after a very short time and when that happens, the person will not want to show off the award since it is rusty. I don’t think there will be anyone, which will be very proud to show off a trophy that is rusty. Plastic is something that will be hidden from the very start.

Think about using crystal as the material for your trophies and awards, they are very strong and durable. When you use crystal you will not have to worry about the award rusting or degrading, this will allow the award to last as long as the person is willing to take care of it.

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