There’s Such Thing as a Picture-Perfect Wedding?!

Everyone dreams of having the most spectacular wedding day. We all have a set vision of which venue the wedding should take place, what the dress should look like, and even what flavor of cake we’d want to serve our guests. But how do you really bring that image to life? The answer is AESTHETICS. The aesthetics of a wedding tie all of the little components together to dramatically enhance the entire wedding experience. One of the most classic and timeless elements that sets the aesthetics of a wedding is crystal items. This subtle yet statement element is guaranteed to wow your guests by the end of the night. Here are just a few ways you can get creative with our crystal pieces to transform an average marriage ceremony into a fairy-tale dream come true!

#1: Show some class with glass!

No wedding is complete without champagne glasses to toast to the new bride and groom!  The simplicity and elegance of a glass can illuminate the room to add just a touch of sparkle without taking away the main focus of the night, the newlyweds. Whether you decide to choose our Vera Wang Wedgewood Duchesse Flute or the Waterford Alana Essence Wine Glass, any of our options will be sure to set the best ambiance for all the guests before and after the drinks are poured!

#2: Let the centerpieces do the talking!

Now let’s face it! You’ll be so overwhelmed and busy with planning the wedding that the last thing you’d want is to entertain every single guest on your special day. So just sit back and relax! Let the beautiful centerpieces keep your guests busy while you and your significant other celebrate your new marriage. Flowers play a significant role as the centerpiece of a wedding. But no flower can do its job without the stunning and intricately designed support of a crystal vase. Vases can say a lot about a wedding. With our special designs and free personalization, these customized, crystal vases are guaranteed to show you and your guests a perfectly designed wedding that has a character of its own!

#3: Send your guests home with a token of your gratitude!

Family and friends will be visiting from all over the world to celebrate with you and your significant other on this unforgettable day. In return, let’s show them how grateful you are for them joining this ceremony with something special and personal to take home. Of course, the possibilities are endless. It could range from our paired sets of crystal champagne flutes, to specially crafted crystal keepsakes, to even elegant glass coasters! What makes these items so special is that they could have custom engravings catered individually to each guests. Personalizing beautiful gifts such as these will not only have your guests going home with unforgettable memories of your wedding but also a little token of your appreciation!

Remember, this is your wedding day. Make it yours and make it unforgettable! But, don’t stress out too much. Take these three simple tips and you’ll be sure to create a picture-perfect wedding without having to lift a finger. Now, time to let this wedding shine as bright as that wedding ring!


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