The Need for Recognition

The desire for validation is one of the deepest human needs.  Everyone wants to know they are a valued member of an organization, has done an outstanding job or has achieved a certain degree of success in sports, academics, business, or another field of endeavor.

Giving recognition is therefore one of the most powerful means of rewarding effort, saying thank you, providing a sense of belonging to something important, building loyalty, and encouraging positive performance.  Most people will agree, being recognized for anything, whether its accomplishing a goal, making the sales, completing a successful season of soccer, getting an A on an exam or simply for making the effort – is an excellent feeling, one that lasts for a long time.

The need for recognition, one of our more sophisticated needs, is one of the most difficult to achieve.  It is the only one which is wholly dependent upon others to respond appropriately.  In other words, recognition, by definition, must come from others.

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