Reward Athletes By Using These 6 Types Of Trophies!

At the completion of sporting events, it is customary to reward the sportsmen or athletes using various types of items such as cups or medals. This is a great idea as the awards will keep the sportsmen motivated and they will remember of this particular event for the rest of their lives. If you usually organize sporting events and championships, make sure that you use the following types of trophies to reward your athletes.

Crystal trophies which feature a unique shape


Crystal trophies are offered to numerous people including top athletes and sportsmen. The beauty of these products is that they can be fully personalized and they don’t cost a fortune. Additionally, to make your award even more special, it can feature a certain shape which is directly related to the sport your athletes engage in. For example, if it is about a pool championship, the crystal award can feature a pool ball on top of it to represent this type of sport better. If you organize a basketball championship, the award can feature a basketball made from crystal and so on.

Personalized medals

For many years, medals have been the preferred way of rewarding a top athlete. In the best cases, the medals are made from gold. However, if your company cannot afford that, you might be happy to know that you can still reward your athletes using medals made from other materials such as crystal, acrylic, silver, stainless, steel, and so on. These medals can be engraved with your preferred message, they are not very heavy, and they are perfect for competitions between schools, corporate events, etc.

Personalized coins

On the other hand, if you have to work with a restricted budget, personalized coins can also be used to reward your sportsmen. Although they are a little bit smaller than medals, they still feature a lot of space which can be personalized and they will create a wonderful memory for the people who receive them. Your medals can be made from various materials and they might be accessorized with lanyards that feature the colors of your company or the colors of the national flag.

Cups or vases made from crystal

As you can see, crystal is one of the most popular materials when it comes to trophies and awards because it features numerous aesthetic properties. At the completion of your sporting event, a cup made from crystal will look gorgeous in the hands of the winner of the competition. Additionally, crystal cups come in various sizes, various designs, and they can also be engraved with your preferred piece of text or company logo.

You have more options when it comes to crystal cups and vases. For example, they can feature handles to give them a more prestigious look, they can be colored, they can feature a base made from metal or acrylic, etc. Make sure that you take into account all these factors and order a unique or vase cup which represents your sporting event the best.

Statues placed on a metallic base

When it comes to football or pool, you can represent this sport using an award that features a pool ball or a football on top of it. However, certain sports don’t use any types of balls such as jogging. In this case, a statue would be ideal to represent this type of sport. For example, most people go for a small statue showcasing a man who runs. This statue is often placed on a metallic base and obviously, it can be engraved and personalized according to your preferences.

You also have a lot of options when it comes to the size of the statue, the size of the base, the materials of the statue and so on. To keep costs in check, you might want to order a statue made from acrylic on a metallic base which looks great from every angle.

Personalized wall clocks

On the other hand, if you don’t want to fall on the typical rewarding method when it comes to your sporting event and offer classic cups, you might want to go for something a little bit different. For example, you can offer personalized wall clocks of different sizes which can be engraved and feature the nature of your sporting event. There are literally thousands of designs of wall clocks on the market these days and most of them can be personalized according to your preferences and needs. Make sure that you pick your preferred products and remember to write a few kind words for the winner of the competition as well as the location and date of your sporting event.

It is up to you to find personalized wall clocks on the market, but if you are looking for trophies and awards made from crystal, we’ve got you covered. Our online shop features a plethora of sports trophies and awards which you can use to reward your athletes. Make sure that you check out our website and give us a call if you have any questions.

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