Recognize Top Performance

Recognize and reward

Employees and businessmen always thrive for the recognition awards, which are their motivational tool for better performance with each quick year.  Hence in response to the responsible position the recognition awards handle, it becomes more than just mandatory to custom the awards to meet the performance level of the achievers.

The Raw Materials commonly used for the Custom Awards are crystals, crystal have long remained the favorite raw material to be used in making the awards. The crystal shines and hence represents the outstanding performance level of the recipient that makes them shine out of the crowd. Crystals are made up of lead; the lead content goes as high as 30%. This gives them strength and luster. The other common raw materials used for the manufacturing of the awards are glass, granite, marble, wood and metal. The corporate awards generally go for crystal awards, the entertainment prefers metal awards, the world of environment and sports prefer wooden awards, though these are just trends and no thumb rule.

A trend has been followed since ancient times in the section of the awards. Different types of awards are reserved for different sections of receivers. Though there is still no thumb rule, a general sense of logic is applied behind each concept. The triangles and obelisks crystal trophies are reserved for the salesman of the year. The triangle represents the outstanding performance and their outshone from the crowd status. Plaques are the choice of awards to recognize the financial achievement or donation status. Star glass trophies have been preferred to be given to those with high performance in their respective fields.

Figurine and engraved crystal awards have always been preferred to appreciate the experimental ventures in various sectors. The size of the trophies also matter. The large trophies are generally given out during the large gatherings, whereas the small trophies are given out during more private friend.  The custom awards can now be prearranged online like For more information on the matter kindly search the net.

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