Optimal Crystal Cleansing

Decades ago, people once again became aware that crystals and crystal clusters are effective healing tools. Their capabilities are extensive, especially when they receive proper care. In therapeutic situations, crystals eliminate unwanted energies from the patient’s body and aura. As time passes, unwanted energies pervade both the surface of crystals and their energy field. If not cleansed properly, unwanted energies can impair the crystal’s healing abilities. It’s much like needing to rid your desk of clutter before you can get back to work.

Here are some guidelines for how often to cleanse crystals. Crystal clusters that are used to uplift the vibrations of your home or office should be cleansed each time you dust, or every week or two. Crystal therapy tools should be cleansed after each session in which you use them. Cleansing is essential for three reasons. First, the unwanted energies that crystals may pick up from one patient can be transferred to the next. Second, to protect subsequent patients from this unwanted energy, you as the practitioner might pick it up instead. Finally, if the crystals continue to absorb unwanted energy, it will accumulate on the crystals’ surface and energy field, thus limiting their healing potential.

Since crystals respond well to cleansing, you can prevent these possible consequences. First give the crystals a water-cleanse to remove any dust or dirt that has accumulated on their surfaces. Provided the water to your sink is untreated and non-chlorinated, use your faucet for crystal cleansing. In addition, use a worn-out toothbrush and some mild detergent. Put some detergent on the toothbrush. Then, brush the surface of the crystals after holding them under the running water.

Every so often, alternate the temperature of your water between hot and cold. Your crystals may have gathered unwanted energies during therapeutic use, or while they’d been sitting in a room and uplifting its vibrations. The running water’s motion will assist in eliminating these unwanted energies. Let’s say you’re working with treated or chlorinated tap water. Rather than using your faucet, pour some purified water into a pitcher. Clean your crystals with soapy water, but instead of using your tap water, pour the purified water from the pitcher over the crystals.

Once the crystals are physically cleansed, you can also clear their energy field using GEMFormulas Energy Clearing Cleansing Spray. This will eliminate unwanted energies that the energy field may have picked up.

The running water method is unable to remove electromagnetic radiation (EMR). Crystals can pick up EMR in environments with high electromagnetic fields, and also if the crystals pick up EMR from a patient during a therapy session. The GEMFormulas EMR Protection Clearing Spray was specifically designed to tackle this problem. To remove EMR from your crystals, spray them with this formula.

Next, spray your crystals with the Diamond Healing Rejuvenating Spray. This will clear accumulated energy from the crystals’ blueprints to bring forward information about their true purpose. You as the practitioner can intuitively decide the distance from the crystals to hold the spray, and also at what angle. The spray will become increasingly effective as your customization becomes more creative.

Using GEMFormulas sprays following a soap and water bath on your crystals will leave them energetically cleansed, and allow their maximum healing potential to shine through.

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