Mementos That Can Make you Smile

There are some days that,when you are older, you look back on and smile because they were special days. They are days that you remember for different reasons, the only connection being the feeling they still give you after all this time. They may have been a special occasion such as a birthday, a day that you met that someone special, or a day that made you feel great because you achieved something. The most memorable days for many are the days that they were also given something to remember them by. Here are a few things we can be giventocan help us remember those special days

Sports Medals and Trophies


These are probably going to be many people’s first awards, and how proud they make us feel. They are an official statement that you are the fastest, or that you can jump the furthest. Even if you aren’t given that gold ribbon or medal, but receive the second or third spot accolade, it will still mean something special to you. To have had your name inscribed on a trophy will have taken this to a higher level still. Standing on the rostrum holding your medal and a trophy above your head is a feeling that is hard to duplicate. If you have the trophy on display in your home every time you walk passed it the smile will return.

Swimming Certificates

Once you hold that swimming certificate in your hands you have shown the world that you have been able to conquer a totally different element. Swimming is not a natural thing for us, so receiving the certificate at a young age has the effect of turning you into a superhero with a magical power. Most of these certificates are locked away somewhere in a cupboard, but when you see the one that you received all those years ago, it will bring the memory of the day it was first yours flooding back.

High School Diplomas


Another great day in your life will have been when you received your high school diploma. You and your friends are likely to have enjoyed the day together discussing future plans of work or further education. This will have been a day of farewells and emotion that you will always remember when you see your diploma.

University Degrees

The day this is awarded is the day when a student graduates from being a student into an important member of society. Dreams have the possibility of coming true because you have the ability to succeed; you even have a degree to prove it. This is another brilliant day, full of smiles for you and your family; one look at your degree will bring it all back to you in clear happy images.

There is no doubt that trophies, diplomas, and degrees should look beautiful and important. They should be made to impress the people who see them, because they represent important achievements. Because of their importance they should also be displayed, and a great effect of their display can be the way that the mere sight of them can start the memories of their receipt playing once again in your mind. That smile is just the recognition of a great day.

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