Let your Valentine’s Day Gift Speak Volumes!

If you are seeking a Valentine’s Day Gift for your lover that is not like the other, look not further! We know it can get difficult to find the perfect gift that your boyfriend or girlfriend would love, so we’re here to make the job easy for you. Nothing beats a personalized gift that is uniquely made just for your valentine. If you’re stumped on deciding which item to get him/her, you can break it down by figuring out their likes and hobbies. For example:

If they love flowers:

If your valentine loves flowers, go the extra mile to pair your bouquet of flowers with a custom-engraved vase. Rather than leaving a note on a little card that could be easily dampened or lost, engrave that message directly onto the vase. The Waterford Giftology Lismore Honey Bud Vase is the perfect vase to be paired with the flower arrangements and your Valentine will definitely be head-over-heels when they read your sweet and personal message.

For the wine lovers:

When you share a candle-lit dinner with your valentine, be sure to end the night with a bottle of chardonnay paired with wine glasses made just for the 2 of you. The Riedel Wine Zinfandel Riesling Glasses is a concoction of class, elegance, and romance! You can engrave your initials on the glasses with heart artworks to symbolize this special day. So enjoy the night and you can thank us later.

If they enjoy home decor:

Anyone that has a knack for home decor knows the importance of having staple pieces. Find your valentine a special piece for their home that will really stand out to them and the guests they’ll have over! Win his/her heart with a beautiful and sentimental tabletop clock. Clocks are timeless, like the Crystal Heart Keepsake Clock! Engrave their name and a sweet message to this clock and they’ll love this new addition to their beautiful home!

Something to take to work:

Give your Valentine a gift that can be taken to work once Valentine’s Day is over. Getting back into the hustle and bustle of work can be difficult after such a romantic evening prior; but, the love and joy of this gift will surely bring a smile to their faces at their workplace. Some office essential include the Waterford Giftology Heart Box, the Spike Cell Phone Holder, a Business Card Holder, or the Crystal Single Silver Pen Set. All of these are essentials in the workplace and your special valentine will always feel the love seeing your engraved personal message on it!


Just a simple memory:

Valentine’s Day can be as simple as sharing a special memory with one another. Make this memory permanent with a Color Imprinted Heart Photo Keepsake or a Curved Horizontal Gold Photo Frame with a picture and engraved names, important date, and a sweet message. The classic Valentine’s Day gift has value, memory, and love, all of which these simple gifts encompass.


There is no right or wrong way to show someone your love on Valentine’s Day. While love should be shown all days of the year, this day allows you to do something extra special to remind them of your everlasting love. A gift that is personal and unique is something that can never be replicated or found in stores. All it takes is a little bit of thought and a little bit of care to make your Valentine’s Day gift as special as your Valentine.

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