Just Before You Purchase That Trophy… Think Of These Factors!


You might be the guru when it comes to purchasing the school or company trophies, or probably it is your first time to do so, regardless of which of the two you are, you need to put a lot of thought into purchasing the trophy before you actually make the purchase. Hurriedly or ignorantly purchasing a trophy can attract a lot of ridicule and criticism from the event organizers, let alone rejection by the people receiving the trophy. Like every other important aspect in life, you cannot separate research and seriousness from any important decision. Here is how to determine that the trophy you are looking at now is the one to pay for:

1. The budget

This is one of the easiest ways to determine whether the trophy is “the one” or whether you should go for the other one. The budget aspect has two sides to it, first, is it too expensive and second, is it too cheap? You might be having more than enough money in your pocket, but if ‘that’ small thing costs ‘that’ much, then you need to move on.

The same applies if you come across a magnificent looking piece that costs a fraction of what you saw online, either it is a fake or it will only last as long as the ceremony will. Make an informed purchase by looking up sizes, the designs and their costs, online and in different shops before making the purchase.

2. The shape and design

Different events call for different looking trophies. You do not expect to hand a student a trophy with a basketball net looking design on it as an award for becoming the best mathematics student in the class. You have to do your research and find trophies that are in line with the theme of the event. You can even have custom-made trophies if you land on a trophy shop that makes them. Having a personalized trophy is also a plus, meaning that you can have the engraving and design of your choice on it.

3. The occasion

The award ceremony is of course tied to the kind of trophy you can expect to have. It is prudent to have the trophy carrying the name or logo of the event or institution handing out the trophies. For small events, it is common to have the size and magnificence of the trophies distinguishing between the highest achievers and the runners up. Choose a trophy that will go along with the nature of the occasion and the winners will be more than pleased to display the trophies whenever an opportunity arises.

4. The trophy shop

The shop is a very important consideration that most people overlook. You cannot afford to simply get into the first trophy shop you get or the only one in your nearest town and expect to get the best trophies. A bit of research will never hurt; in fact, research will protect you from getting a counterfeit, settling for the second best trophy, or paying too much for one. A good place to start your research is without a doubt the crystalplus.com.

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