Important Points to Consider Before Ordering a Trophy or Award

No competition is complete without presenting an award to the eventual winner. Whether it is a sporting event or an award for best employee, some kind of trophy is always expected. Here are a few things to consider before you decide to order a trophy:

– Budget: It is quite easy to go overboard financially while looking through the trophy and awards catalogue. It is best to fix a pre-determined budget and stick to it. You may find that retail stores may have a very limited range to choose from when shopping on a budget. Browse through the catalogues of online retailers and you will find a plethora of choices.

– Occasion: It is very important for the award to reflect the occasion it is being presented at. It wouldn’t make much sense to get a heart-shaped trophy for the winning team of a football tournament. Similarly, if you want are going to present an award to your star employee, why not get a star-shaped award. Put the same thought into buying an award or trophy that you would when buying someone a present.

– Ornamental or Functional: An award is not just ornamental, but can be functional as well. It is possible to have awards made that can incorporate clocks and photo frames. A functional award is more likely to be appreciated on a daily basis.

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