How Do You Go About Planning A Retirement Party?

When an employee is about to leave your organization on retiring, it is only fitting that you recognize the years that he or she has put in and give a fitting send off. While many organizations may not see it as an important event, a retirement party makes the retiree feel appreciated while at the same time encouraging others to work on with your organization until they also retire. Like with all other events, it is important to make proper plans so that it goes off without a hitch and everyone will have a good time. Here are a few aspects of the planning that you need to consider as you are preparing for the event:


Location of the event

Most organizations hold the event on their premises without the need for outside venues. If you have a conference room or a room large enough to fit everyone, you can confine the event to your premises. You can choose another venue also to hold the event especially if the retiree was a senior member of staff and you want to make a celebration out of it. Choose a location close to the office so that people can easily get there conveniently. If the location is not so easily accessible, you need to make transport arrangements.


Spruce up your boardroom with decorations to give the event a party feel. You do not need to go overboard but a few streamers and other party decorations placed around the room can transform the feel of the room in an instant. You can also get a banner wishing the retiree a great retirement. If you are going for an outside venue, consider decorating the location as well to create the party atmosphere. Also, you can use company colors to tie the event to your organization. The good thing with decorations is that you can store them to use for another day, thus avoid customizing them much later on. For example, let the banner not carry the name of the retiree so that you can use it for the next retirement party.


The time you hold the party is crucial so that everyone can attend. It will serve no purpose to have an event where there will be low attendance. Let the party be at the end of the work day. You can also hold in on a Friday to enhance the party mood. Everyone will be relaxed and will therefore enjoy the party more. A lunchtime sendoff or in between the day will be a rushed event as everyone will be thinking of getting back to their desks or a looming deadline. The event need not be a long one. You can have the formalities done in an hour at most, and release everyone to leave at their own pleasure.

Food, drinks and entertainment

A party is not a party without food, drinks and entertainment. If it is a low-key event, low music will serve just fine especially if you are holding the event in the office. If it is a major event, think of hiring a band or a DJ for professional entertainment. For food, settle for light snacks that you can easily order. And a cake should be available to celebrate the event. Remember to order it in advance to avoid last minute rush. You can also serve juice and other soft drinks for the event. Again, for a major event, you can consider adding champagne to give a toast to the retiree.

Gift ideas

A retirement party will never be complete without a gift. You have a wide choice of gift ideas you can go for. For instance, you can get a memorable item that the retiree will treasure and proudly show off to friends and family. You can choose a functional or showy item or go for a gift that has both. Ideas include the traditional gold watch, a cell phone, items for a hobby, and such thoughtful items. You can also prepare a gift that commemorates the retiree’s time at work as a keepsake. Remember to have the items engraved or branded with a message of goodwill. A trophy is a must have item for recognition of service. Modern trophies come in a variety of designs and unique materials such as crystal, are known to give them a showy look.

Marking the retirement of an employee is important for any organization. Make the event memorable for the retiree by giving a gift item he or she will treasure for all time. At Crystal Plus, we have made your gift purchase a breeze as you can order your gift from our extensive online catalogue. We create custom crystal awards that will provide both function and impressive factors all rolled in one. Log on to our site today and get just the perfect gift that might just have all your other employees wishing it was their turn to retire!

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