Honoring your Retiring Employees: Choosing Crystal Awards to Show Appreciation

Retirement is more than just the end to a person’s working life. For some, it is a moment of triumph. Others consider it a farewell to the people they’ve shared their lives with for many years. No matter what feelings come with the event, crystal awards and trophies provide a way for the company to fully recognize their services.

Awards also serve as a precious memento of the time they’ve spent with their cherished co-workers. Compared to those made of other materials, those made of crystal have an elegant and modern aesthetic that allows it to easily suit any home’s décor.

If your company is deciding on giving an award to recognize employees who are retiring, it’s important to consider a number of factors before selecting a design. Retirement is a time for farewells, so it is best to choose something that’s respectful, and not too gaudy. Simplicity and elegance are also why crystal is preferred over other materials for the award. Aside from that, there are other things to keep in mind.

The award for those retiring must be different from those for other awardees, particularly employees receiving service awards. If your trophy for company loyalty is something showy and colorful, consider a more demure variation for those retiring. You can also consider different symbols: a flame for those still in the workforce, and a diamond for those retiring from the business.

Keep in mind that an award to honor an employee’s retirement serves as a memento from the company. Because of that, the award has to be much more than just a symbol of triumph. Have your company’s logo engraved on the trophy or make sure that its design is representative of the business. If the trophy maker can add a personalized message, take the opportunity to give the award a special touch that will truly set it apart from all others.

Crystal awards tell retiring employees that you are happy for them and wish them well for their future endeavors. To make sure your company is able to fully express its gratitude, seek out a manufacturer that can provide personalized trophies with the right design.


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