Get Ahead During Sports Seasons with these Award Ideas!

We have officially approached fall sports season and it couldn’t be more thrilling! No matter what sport you and your athletes are participating in, it’s never too early to think about what awards to give at the end of the season! In fact, sooner is better than later so that you’ll have the perfect awards to represent your champions! Here are some great sports award ideas:

Choose an award that best represents the sport!

There’s an award for every sport out there. The most symbolic style is being represented by an award shaped like your sport. If you are representing a football team, choose the Football on Crystal Base Award. Or if you are playing golf, go with the Championship Golf Trophy. Whatever sport you play, there is an award for that! You can engrave on your recipients’ names, your team logo, and their recognized titles. Awards don’t need to be complicated or difficult. There is always something out there that’s made just for your players!

Recognize championship with an iconic trophy cup!

Nothing is more rewarding than a sports trophy cup! This one goes out to all of the champions that have represented the utmost leadership, sportsmanship, and dedication. A trophy cup is symbolic in many ways! Its grandiose stature emulates the highest honor that a recipient could receive. The style of award is a classic symbol of sports success. Lastly, the personalization engraved on it can amplify the meaning behind a trophy cup. You can engrave on the cup with the recipient’s name, their championship title, and a few words of recognition and celebration. There’s no such thing as going overboard with an award. Your players deserve a recognition that’s loud and proud!

Go with a fun gift!

Sometimes, awards and recognition don’t need to be given to just the winners. It can be shared with the rest of the athletes as a token of encouragement and acknowledgement. You can personalize simple yet meaningful things like ceramic round corner mugs, leather keychain ID holders, sports themed pen sets, and more! You can engrave on your team’s logo, your team name, each recipient’s names and their jersey numbers, and a nice slogan to top it off.

Frame a memorable moment!

Pictures are worth a thousand words. Capture your team’s best moments and have it framed for the perfect end-of-the-season gift. Regardless of the amount of wins or losses during the season, the overall experience is what should be cherished in the end. There are different frame options to suit your photo like the Curved Horizontal Gold Photo Frame or the Vertical Mirror Photo Frame with Stand. These items offer plenty of space for you to personalize with your team’s logo, team name, athlete’s name, and a thoughtful message. These gifts are special because they will last for  generations to come!

Each sports team is different from another but they all share the same concept of teamwork, sportsmanship, and dedication. These components that define each team should never go unnoticed. Get ahead of the game this season and use these helpful tools to find the best recognition awards for your well-deserved players. We wish you best of luck this season!



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