Custom crystal awards are cheap

There are many different materials for you to choose from, when you are thinking of making those special awards to give out. The most common will be metals and plastic, but the next time you are making these awards, you might want to start thinking about crystal instead.

Metal awards are always easy to make and they have a nice weight and feel to them, but the biggest problem with them is that they will start rusting in a very short time. This will cause the awards to lose their shine and be forgotten very fast. People receiving the awards will be very proud to show off their awards to friends and family members, but if the award is rusty, it will most likely be left in the attic. Plastic awards on the other hand feel cheap and they are not even displayed around the house, this is not something you want, so using plastic to create a custom award is not really the best choice.

One material, which is becoming popular today, is crystal and they can be made and found very easily. The best thing about crystal is that it is cheap, when compared to other more expensive metals like gold. To save money, think about making a custom crystal award to give out.

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