Corporate gifts for Various Occasions

The gifts vary according to the occasion and so does the receivers. If it is Valentine’s Day, you will buy a rose for you your valentine. If it is mother’s day, you will buy it for your mother. Different days demand different kinds of gifts in the personal life as well as in the corporate world. To decide what to select as the best gift for the occasion, you need some time and a little bit of effort. The first thing you might want while selecting a gift is that the gift should be impressive and look attractive. The corporate gifts also work in the same way. Corporate and executive gifts should be beautiful and also suit the occasion. The gift should be such that it enhances the reputation of the company and build a strong relationship with the customers. The gift should also help to promote the company and its products. Corporate gifts to promote the feelings of trust, respect and gratitude to the receivers.

Corporate gifts can be momentos which will serve as a display piece. Momentos are the classics and nothing can beat the classics. But if you want to do something out of the ordinary, then you can be creative and innovative with the gift. The occasions that are meant for a gift giving program in a corporate company are: a product launch function, release of a product or service, formal celebration of the product launch, formal celebration for opening of a new branch or subsidiary, celebration of new partnerships, on festivals like Christmas or New Year.  Corporate gifts are also given for congratualing a customer or employee, for offering condolences, for appreciating for a win or achievement, for sickness or even for sharing an exciting event.


Don’t be under an impression that the flowers are not corporate gifts. The flower bouquets are a very good choice for corporate gifts. You can send flowers to your employees on the festivals and send a card attached to it with something nice about your company. You can even select such flower bouquets for the clients as well. This will give a nice impression for the company. Flowers are a really nice choice because they are available in many colors and many shapes. The flower arrangements are very elegant and look best for all the occasions.

While selecting a gift for your mother on the Mother’s Day, you just do not want to be a common gift. You may choose the classics, but this time may be you really want to give her a totally different surprise. So you end up getting a personalized gift for her having her photographs and her name. This is the same thing that you should do while selecting a corporate gift. Personalized gifts are better and cheaper than the expensive items found in a local shop. You can select any item (like a wallet) and have the name of the receiver printed on the item. Apart from the name of the receiver, you can have the name of your company printed on the item as well. The receiver’s name will help you impress the receivers and your company’s name will remind the receivers about your brand.

Another very unique that you can do for corporate gift occasions is creating a gift card. Create new gift card which offers some discount, on the products or services you offer. You do not have to give discount on everything. You can offer the discount on selected things and also implement other strategies (discount available only if you use two services at once). You can distribute the gift cards on special occasions. This will help you promote your products and services and will also make everyone happy. This is a very uncommon practice in the market, but is growing quickly. These days, corporate gifts are not just the momentos, but have advanced a lot. The market has a lot of options to offer you which you can customize and add our company’s name to it. It would be cost-effective to the company’s owner and beneficial for those who got those gifts.

On the occasion of a launch event, you can offer the samples of the product you are launching. If you have launched the availability of a service, you can gift free coupons of the service trials. This will help you promote the launch event and also boost the sales by attracting customers.

Other ideas for corporate gifts are calendars which are used in every day activities. You can gift a nice calendar on the occasion of the New Year and have your company’s name printed on each page. You can add photographs of the products offered by the company. You can add the names of the services the company deals in. Basically, a calendar can be used as a platform for printing an advertisement for your company. This helps in promoting the company through gifts.

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