Buying Crystal Awards? Here Are 6 Crystal Shape Types You Can Choose From!

Some company owners decide to be truly original and they choose a unique crystal shape when they offer crystal awards and trophies to their employees. For example, if you have an IT company, a crystal microchip can really represent your business and impress your employees. Similarly, if you run a successful restaurant, a crystal wine glass or a crystal bowl of fruits can be great choices for your crystal awards. Here are more shapes to choose from, according to your needs and preferences.

Mystical Star

1. Stars. A star-shaped crystal award is by far one of the most imposing and suitable shape if you are thinking of rewarding your employees. Basically, a star represents the sky, the top, the peak of your business and so on. Such crystal awards should only be offered to your best and most diligent employees. Crystal stars also come in various sizes, styles and they can be engraved with words of your choice.

2. Diamonds. In a similar fashion, if you really want to impress your employees and show your gratitude for their services in the last period of time, crystal diamond awards are perfect for this job. They can be offered as such or they can also be mounted on a tower, a recognition plaque and so on. Just make sure that you fully customize your crystal diamond award and you also add some colors if you want to make this gift truly unique and attractive.

3. Hearts. On the other hand, if you want to offer someone a beautiful present and you don’t really know what to buy, a crystal heart can be excellent in this case. You can give it to your girlfriend on Valentine’s Day or to your mom on the Women Day on 8 March. Similarly, it can be a great wedding gift too. The heart itself looks stunning and women always love this shape. Also, don’t forget to customize this amazing gift and add your words of eternal gratitude and love as well. Keep in mind that you can also choose from different types of fonts when engraving the crystal heart and you can also add pictures or images.

4. Arches. Sometimes, certain crystal awards can feature the shape of an arch too and they create a stunning, eye-catching design. These products should be offered to employees as well as friends and family members and they also feature a lot of space which can be engraved anyway you like.

5. Pyramids and triangles. Such crystal awards are very imposing and they can showcase your deeply-felt recognition and gratitude towards your employees. Pyramids also come in different sizes and they can feature various colors such as silver, grey, black, white, or any other color you wish.

6. Circles, spheres and globes. If you want to offer rewards for a sporting event, you should opt for these shapes. In most cases, you can actually get crystal shapes which look exactly like a basketball, football, golf ball and so on. These shapes are very beautiful, they truly represent the type of sporting event you host and everyone will like them!

Want to know more about crystal shapes? Give us a call today and we will gladly help you make the best decision when it comes to choosing crystal awards.

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