Academic Awards

There are plenty of reasons for students to perform well with academics.  Succinctly, good grades lead to admittance to good schools where additional good grades lead to a degree and a successful career.  basically, we are taught that good grades lead to a good life.  What additional motivation is needed?

The answer, of course, depends on who is asked.  Many might say none, and some might say some, but most will say more.  Ask anyone in the business of recognition, ask teachers and coaches, and they will say much, much more.  And, if repeated studies are to be believed, they’re right.  Awards make a difference.  They do more than recognize effort- they encourage it.

On the matter of the merit of academic awards, there is great agreement.  Everyone wants more.  Unfortunately, the worst economic downturn since the Great Depression has presented school officials with slashed budgets that pit wants versus needs, and wants will never win that fight.

The fall of economic dominoes can be devastating.  What is an awards dealer to do? Their options are admittedly few, but they do exist.  We spoke with industry suppliers, retailers and even school officials on the matter, and here are a few of their ideas.

Academic Awards In All Shapes and Sizes

There is a key word that continues to be brought up when discussing any awards sales presentation: options.  Providing clients, both new and returning, with a variety of options is more important now than ever before.

They are all looking to do more with less, and awards retailers are challenged to help them do that.  Present them with good, better and best options, and your chances for success will greatly increase.  With the diverse product lines supplied by distributors and manufacturers, that opportunity certainly exists.

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