3 Top Occasions to Consider Custom Crystal Awards

While many people think of awards being given only in the corporate or business world, there are a number of other occasions that a crystal award becomes appropriate for. Giving employee’s recognition is a great time to give awards, and here are a few other occasions you might want to consider using awards for.

If your company has an employee that has reached a milestone mark of 10, 20, or even 50 years, consider giving them a reward to thank them for their dedication of staying with the company. There are studies that show the average time for someone to stay with one company is 7 years. You might want to give an engraved award or appreciation gift to thank them.

Another great time to give crystal awards is for retiring from a company. Regardless of the length of time an employee has been with the company, if they are retiring you might want to consider giving them an award to again thank them for their services and time they put in to the company.

There are other times when awards are given such as for congratulating someone for a promotion. You can give awards to employees for just about any reason besides for just working hard nowadays.

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