Repairing Cracked Crystal Trophies

Crystal awards and trophies are the perfect way to recognize achievements; they are magnificent to look at and embody something special that no metal or wooden trophy or plaque can replicate. Where crystal and glass awards excel in looks, they sadly do so at the expense of ruggedness. The worst case scenario would have you waking up to see a crack in your crystal award. However, cracks in crystal and glass trophies can be repaired.

The key to repairing any kind of glass is acrylic glass glue. It works perfectly well on crystal as well; after all crystal is nothing but glass with certain predefined refractive properties. Acrylic glass glue is generally available in home improvement stores and the stationary section of most department stores.

Manufacturers of glass glue package it in tubes, which make it very convenient to apply. Simply use a pin to pierce a hole at the top of the plastic tube-end and squeeze out a thin layer of glue over the cracked surface. If one pass over is not enough, squeeze out more layers of glue on the affected area. Once applied, do not disturb the bonding process.

As the glue seeps into the crack, it will begin to harden. For best results, leave the crystal overnight in a dust-free environment; it should be more than enough time for the glue to cure. Glass glue can be harmful to human skin, so make sure you avoid contact with it.

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